Policies & Pricing

As the most exclusive balloon company in the area we offer only private sunrise flights – $1,550 for up to 4 passengers (minimum of two people per flight).

Flight Time:
We try to keep all flights to at least 1 hour in the air.

Safety is our primary concern and there are often reasons that we will need to land sooner. If your flight is less than 30 mins, we will arrange for you to fly again free of charge. Once the minimum 30 minutes is flown no refunds will be made. The flight, post flight pack- up, and return trip to our point of departure, will take about 2 to 2 1/2 hours from launch time.

Gift Certificates:

Balloon rides make wonderful gifts. When you purchase a gift certificate from Balloons Over Westchester we can customize a beautiful printable voucher with the name of the recipient and the special occasion.  You can then email the voucher or print it and include it in a card.

Our company only accepts Balloons Over Westchester Gift Certificates.

We understand that our company may be on other lists published by other nationwide sellers/brokers of balloon ride certificates, but we do not partner with them and gift certificates must be purchased directly from us. We want to make sure we are building relationships with you directly and not through a third party. If we are unable to provide a ride in your area, we will be happy to refer you to pilots that are closer to you.

Our gift certificates are issued with an expiration date. If you are nearing your expiration date please contact us regarding an extension– gift certificates are transferable, but they are not refundable.

Children must stand 38” tall

Cancellations & Refunds:
For all flights, either booked directly or when redeeming a gift certificate, if we cancel a flight for weather or any reason within our control there are no charges. Hot air ballooning is a weather-dependent activity and rescheduling is sometimes required. When booking we will ask for three possible dates, the first will be the flight date and the later two dates held for alternates. If for any reason the flight can not be performed during the three reserved dates we ask that the client provide additional possible flight dates so that Balloons Over Westchester may confirm avalibility. Rides are valid for one year from date of purchase – no refunds are given. 

No-show passengers or cancellations within 2 days prior to the scheduled flight will forfeit their ride unless their reserved flight can be filled.

Passenger Health:
Our insurance carrier will not allow us to knowingly fly anyone who is pregnant. We have, and will continue to, find a way to accommodate people’s disabilities so they can enjoy this adventure. Please be open with the company and discuss any physical conditions that you have that might need special arrangements. We will decline a flight to anyone who we believe cannot safely accomplish it. Federal law prohibits us from flying anyone who is intoxicated.

Release of liability and assumption of risk agreement:
An insurance industry wide policy, not related to our history or the safety of balloon flying in general, requires us to get a signed waiver from each passenger. We have always operated in a safe and responsible manner and through no personal actions or omissions on our part must comply with this requirement. Please find a copy of the agreement below– you will be required to sign it prior to boarding the balloon and embarking on your flight.

We maintain public liability and passenger insurance coverage appropriate to our operations. We have had no passenger injuries in our operational history.

Privacy Policy:
Any and all personal information such as telephone numbers, email or residence address, etc. that we acquire in the course of our dealings will only be used to facilitate our business relationship with you and we will not sell or share that information with anyone else.